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AONBs are dynamic, living landscapes that underpin the economy and the health and wellbeing of the UK. They are outstanding landscapes which provide a range of benefits for both people and wildlife.
The listings below include practical examples of what the AONB Partnerships and Conservation Boards are doing to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to take advantage of everything AONBs have to offer, whilst also learning how to enjoy and look after them.

If you have a project or another practical example you would like to add to this page please complete this form and send it to [email protected].

Shropshire Hills AONB - The project is about improving access, interpretation and conservation management at a number of key hillfort and castle sites within the Landscape Partnership Scheme area using both expert and volunteer help.
North Devon AONB Partnership - Character of our Coast is a partnership project of then and now photographic exhibition and talks to demonstrate the changing landscape of the North Devon Coast AONB.
Dorset AONB Partnership - Our Landscape Partnership is focused on an area described as one of the most important late Neolithic/early Bronze Age funerary ceremonial landscapes in NW Europe.
Blackdown Hills AONB Partnership - The project aims to discover more about the wildlife of the Blackdown Hills by supporting local people to set up community wildlife projects.
Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership - John Muir Award in the Shropshire Hills was a collaborative project delivered by the Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership and Shropshire Wildlife Trust about connecting children to their local landscape.