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The National Association for AONBs

The National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (NAAONB) is a Charity whose membership is composed of organisations and individuals who care about our Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The NAAONB is the voice of the AONB partnerships and conservation boards and represents the AONB Family on national issues including policy and advocacy, communications, training and securing resources.

Our vision is

“The natural beauty of our Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty is valued and secure, the communities within and adjacent to them are thriving, and the relationship between people and these nationally important places is understood and supported at all levels.”

and everything we do works toward achieving this vision.

The NAAONB is administered by a Board, elected from its membership, who oversee the work of the five staff members.

More detail of the NAAONB’s work can be seen in our Strategic Plan and Business Plan.

If you would like further details on NAAONB membership please contact our Communications and Events Manager.

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