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NAAONB objectives

The NAAONB’s vision is

“The natural beauty of our Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty is valued and secure, the communities within and adjacent to them are thriving, and the relationship between people and these nationally important places is understood and supported at all levels.”

At the National Association for AONBs’ AGM in October 2011, the membership agreed the following objectives to work toward achieving this vision

  • Support policies for conserving and enhancing natural beauty
    This objective encompasses our advocacy work, the action we take to influence decision makers and the work we carry out to provide national leadership, assistance and support.
  • Develop an understanding of AONBs and the issues they face
    This objective includes the planning and delivery of a national training programme, work to facilitate learning and the exchange of good practice, provision of technical support and advice, encouragement of innovation, commissioning of primary research, and all our communications work.
  • Improve the way in which AONB partnerships and the NAAONB work together
    This objective includes our work to develop collaborative projects within the AONB Family and across the protected landscape network, work to improve governance within the NAAONB, and work to maintain cohesion between the AONB Family and the NAAONB.
  • Secure and manage resources
    This objective includes raising funds to facilitate the work of the NAAONB, administration and management of resources available to the NAAONB including its people, taking a national lead on promoting innovative approaches to future resourcing, leading the development of capacity building for fund raising among AONB partnerships and evaluating the effectiveness of the NAAONB.

Our programme of key actions, which can be seen in our Business Plan, outline how we will use these objectives to help achieve our vision.

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