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The Bowland Award

The Bowland Award, a hen harrier sculpture in bronze, is awarded annually for the best project, best practice or outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Award is one of our ways of acknowledging the tireless work of people who contribute to making the UK’s AONBs wonderful places to visit, live and work in. Each year we look for a person or a group of people for whom sharing, learning, inspiring is a way of life and who have made an outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of AONBs.

This year’s winner Dorset AONB Partnership’s Stepping into Nature, led by Julie Hammon exemplified the strengths of the landscape approach as delivered by AONB Partnerships.

Stepping into Nature is helping to deliver health and wellbeing benefits for Dorset’s older people, including those living with dementia and their carers. The project uses Dorset’s outstanding natural and cultural landscape to create and provide dementia friendly activities and sensory rich visits to places of interest in Dorset.

Julie works with a range of environment, cultural and health & wellbeing partners to deliver a range of landscape based activities that encourage older people to be physically and mentally active. Using the landscape for inspiration, the Dorset AONB Partnership is providing safe, enjoyable and sociable opportunities that adopt a philosophy of positive risk taking.

By supporting key beneficiaries and service providers, the Partnership has increased awareness and understanding of the needs and requirements of people living with dementia and their carers, creating safer natural spaces to visit.

Howard Davies, Chief Executive of the NAAONB said, Stepping into Nature  is an exemplar of how AONB partnerships can create the golden thread that joins landscape scale context with practical action on the ground. It demonstrates the critical importance of relationships between organisations and between people and the need for ceaseless effort in maintaining and building those relationships. It also provides an example of how AONB project work can be valuable to partners in other sectors who are willing to invest in ensuring that our important work carries on into the future”.

Awards are made at a special ceremony at the annual Landscapes for Life Conference.

Since its inception in 1999 the Bowland Award has been awarded to 16 people.



The Landscapes for Life Award

The Landscapes for Life Award recognises those who have contributed 20 years or more to the conservation and enhancement of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs).

It bestows national recognition and gratitude for the service given by staff, volunteers and elected members who have assisted the work of their AONB partnerships.

Since its inception in 2015, 27 people who between them have given over 500 years service  to AONBs have received this recognition for their  work.

Recipients receive a certificate at a  special ceremony at the annual Landscapes for Life Conference.