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Without doubt, the main strength of the AONB Family lies in its collective voice. It is the role of the National Association for AONBs (NAAONB) to help strengthen that voice, clarify its messages and ensure that it is heard in the right places at the right time with the right effect.

In addition to the strength of the AONB Family’s collective voice, is its strength as a network. Harnessing the wealth of collective experience, enthusiasm and skills that exist within each AONB partnership is a key role for the NAAONB.

AONBs are part of a wider network of Protected Landscapes. In the UK these include National Parks and National Scenic Areas. The potential for greater collaboration across this wider network and closer working between the bodies that represent these designations nationally is significant and the NAAONB actively pursues this.

The NAAONB leads on the development of collaborative projects within the AONB family and across the protected landscape network, working to improve governance within the NAAONB, and working to maintain cohesion between the AONB Family and the NAAONB.

We do this by:

  • Production of a regular E-newsletter to highlight and share good practice
  • Working with Defra, protected landscape fora, Natural England, the Countryside Council for Wales and Northern Ireland Environment Agency to review working arrangements for regional co-ordinator posts
  • Providing a national overview to AONB Family direction and shared objectives
  • Advising on Management Plan Guidance
  • Conducting an annual review and evaluation of the business plan to assess the effectiveness of the NAAONB and fine tune as appropriate
  • Facilitating opportunities for collaborative working
  • Establishing a programme and means of mentoring and mutual support between AONBs
  • Reviewing NAAONB Board members portfolios in line with strategic plan requirements

By undertaking the above we are working to ensure AONBs remain Landscapes for Life.

The NAAONB produces a regular newsletter, “AONB News”, which gives regular information about our activities. If you would like to received AONBs News please contact our Communications and Development Manager.

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