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Landscapes for Life Conference 2017 – Introduction

Landscapes for Life Conference 2017

Tuesday 18th July – Wednesday 19th July 2017

Winchester Business School, West Downs Centre, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 4NR

The clarion call from 2017’s Landscapes for Life Conference (#L4L2017) is “Do Different”.

Join us for two days of ”Leading, Sharing, Learning, Inspiring” with the UK’s outstanding landscapes.

Engage with people from the corporate, academic and public sectors to

        • Learn about doing things differently
        • Share ideas on exciting and innovative projects
        • Be inspired to think even further “outside the box”

All with the ultimate goal of leading on efficient and effective projects to provide a robust and sustainable future for the UK’s outstanding landscapes.

More about the 2 days!

Tailor-make your own experience at Landscapes for Life 2017 (#L4L2017)

Choose between a variety of Briefings, off site visits and marketplace stalls to learn, share and be inspired, according to your own particular area of interest.

Briefings on Day One draw from our AONB Family expertise and take place every 45 minutes. You will be able to attend up to four of these sessions and you don’t need to decide which four now. We will keep adding to the website as ideas come in, so if you don’t see anything that takes your fancy now, pop back in a couple of days time to see what’s new. Currently we have

If you would like to give a Briefing on Day One, we still have a couple of slots available.

Do Different Briefings on Day Two will be led by guests from non-AONB organisations whose methods might help AONB Management. These need to be prebooked and you should indicate on your booking form which one(s) you wish to attend. The Wildlife Trust and Environment Agency sessions are off site and so if you choose either of these you will only be able to attend one session. If you choose the And Now: or any of the other on site sessions you can attend one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Marketplace stalls will be available throughout the conference. We still have space if you wish to promote and event or project you are involved with.

Both sets of Briefings will include a short presentation and opportunity to question the presenter in detail on the nature of the work and its broader applications. We have identified a number of topics for these briefings, but welcome contributions from a wide audience. If you are interested in leading, sharing, learning and inspiring and would like to run a Briefing or a Market Place stall, please contact [email protected]

Attendees at past L4L conferences