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Breamore and Avon Valley Railway Footpath 2011

Cranborne Chase AONB

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By Sonicpromo (Photo taken on my iPhone Previously published: N/A) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Through a grant from our Sustainable Development Fund, we were able to finish a footpath project that had been funded by Hampshire County Council and New Forest National Park.

What was done

The Avon Valley Railway was one of the branch lines closed by Beeching in 1964. The section through the parish of Breamore has been restored as a footpath. The project connected the final sections, joining the New Forest National Park with Cranborne Chase AONB and completing the route so that it could be used and making it coherent and connected to the Avon Valley Footpath and other rights of way.


£945 grant completed a £30,920 project.


Wide partnership networks enabled interested parties (HCC, NFNPA and CC AONB) to provide enough funding to deliver a project that was supported by local residents and land owners.


Key search words:  Sustainable Development Fund, Public Rights of Way, Tourism, Parish, National Park

Photo Credits:  Breamore Railway Station – Wikipedia