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What we do


The primary purpose of the AONB designation is to conserve and enhance natural beauty.

The legislation that underpins the AONB designation goes on to say, “In pursuing the primary purpose of designation, account should be taken of the needs of agriculture, forestry, and other rural industries and of the economic and social needs of local communities. Particular regard should be paid to promoting sustainable forms of social and economic development that in themselves conserve and enhance the environment. Recreation is not an objective of designation, but the demand for recreation should be met so far as this is consistent with the conservation of natural beauty and the needs of agriculture, forestry and other uses”.

So how do we do this? With our small dedicated teams, we

  • make things happen, translating vision and national policy into local action
  • work with local communities and value their skills knowledge and energy
  • provide value for money by securing additional funding, resources and project partners
  • develop innovative approaches to achieve beneficial results though collaboration
  • promote a sustainable rural economy that conserves and enhances the natural environment for the benefit of society.
 For practical examples of how we do this see Resources

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